Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ryan Gosling to debut 'Lost River' at Cannes

It's official, Ryan Gosling's directorial debut will be premiered at Cannes 2014.  The film, now titled 'Lost River' in place of the working title 'How to Catch a Monster' will be screened in the "un certain regard" section.
"Un Certain Regard looks strong, with Ryan Gosling's directorial debut "Lost River" probably the headliner"
The LA Times adds:
"Shot in Detroit last year, “Lost River” has been one of the more anticipated projects in moviedom, both because of its director pedigree (Gosling does not star) and its plot line, which is said to concern a single mother and an underwater utopia. (Though slightly lower profile than the competition section, Un Certain Regard is often the home for first-time directors.)  The movie does not yet have a U.S. distributor or release date, though you wouldn’t guess it from the breathless Internet anticipation about the film."
Even more exciting a first still of the movie has been posted on Facebook

Cannot wait to see Ryan's next contribution to movies.  This time behind the camera!

Thanks to @TheFilmStage we now know more about the plot of 'Lost River' as star Iain De Caestecker is quoted:
 “It’s about this family living in a town called Lost River, which is perhaps a place that was once full of family and happiness and love, and is now this town that’s slowly descending into a place without any hope. This family is holding onto the foundations of their house and everything they think they need to hold onto.”

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy 33rd Birthday Ryan Gosling

We all know Ryan is a good looking man

(and PopSugar have a great collection of movie stills that prove it Ryan movie stills )

He's sexy

He can laugh at himself

He's musical

But this last year he is also a director.  We loved this write up by The Guardian on the choice of Ryan's new venture into directing:

"But there's more to their career changes than been-there-done-that nonchalance. All three actors, as popular as they are, have stated that the mainstream movie industry isn't for them. They've always gravitated towards challenging roles in interesting films ....  a man in love with a sex doll in Lars and the Real Girl (Gosling). And now they're taking the next step away from Hollywood. "Some of us are tired of all the sissies in this town," Gosling told New York Magazine in 2010. "The ones who go along, flow with the flow, line up where they're told to line up at. The studios want you to make the same movie over and over – if that's the movie they liked, that's the movie you should keep making."
Writing and directing, then, are just part of the story. We are seeing a wave of actors, who could easily milk the Hollywood status quo, choosing to seize the means of production – and hand them on to others. They're pushing the film industry towards a more diverse, democratic, independent future. When your local multiplex is showing the next dose of The Fast and the Furious, you may feel that future can't come soon enough."
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ryan we can't wait to see where you take us next on your creative journey!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ryan Gosling is white hot at the New York preiere of 'Only God Forgives'

Better late than never right?  Ryan Gosling looking white hot in New York for the 'Only God Forgives' premiere!!

Source: Buzzfeed (which we really recommend you look at for more pics and their usual Ryan Gosling appreciation style!!)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Readers Review of 'Only God Forgives' - warning spoilers

Gosloving reader Katie Harris aka @word_scribbler was lucky enough to attend a Q&A with Nicolas Winding Refn and see Only God Forgives.  She has been kind enough to share her review and thoughts with us!

*review contains major spoilers* *offensive language and disturbing scenes mentioned*

Only God Forgives review

Ok, so what do I say about Only God Forgives? I saw it tonight at a preview screening (it is released here in the UK on 2nd August).

First of all - Ryan is great. He shows his characters (Julian) psychotic tendencies and calculating ways just as brilliantly as his vulnerability and childlike qualities. He owns every scene he is in. Yes even the scene when he is being punched repeatedly in the face until he goes unconscious. Only God Forgives is like the darker, messed up, evil twin version of Drive.

Kristin Scott Thomas plays Ryan's mother Jenna and wow she is creepy. So in control. So commanding. So completely out of touch with reality. Such a departure from her usual roles, in looks aswell as personality.

The bad guy Chang - played by Vithaya Pansringarm - is bad. In the way dictators are bad. Torturing someone one minute and singing Karaoke the next. The contrasts are purposely shocking.

The ways director Nicolas Winding Refn described Only God Forgives in the Q&A after the screening - sadistic, perverse, sexual, with Oedipus undertones - and his subsequent comment that he makes films about what arouses him makes for an unsettling tone. The film is violent to the extreme. Yes it shows the characters but it feels at times to just be there. Seeing the graphic torture doesn't bring anything to the film to me. Some violence and some hinting at the rest would have done fine. It's there to shock, in my opinion, and nothing else.

I should say at this point that the only other film of Refn's I've seen is Drive, which I loved. I know he's made other equally violent films. After watching Only God Forgives I can honestly say this violence is not the kind of film I enjoy watching. During the slow drawn out torture scene myself, and many others i noticed in the cinema, looked away.

On a happier note there were some funny anecdotes. Here is a video of some of the Q&A. Nicolas was asked about the timing of Only God Forgives being made, and that Drive was made after Only God Forgives was written. He also talked about casting. (Ryan was not the original Julian).
See Katie's video of the Q&A here
There is a particularly memorable scene, ok there are lots of memorable scenes, but this one shocked me and made me laugh at the same time. Jenna, Julian and his girlfriend (aka a prostitute) are sitting at a table in a bar/restaurant. Jenna is being particularly rude towards the girlfriend. She starts discussing Julian's cock size compared to his (now dead) brother. The brother who is/was her favourite. The brother who was the biggest (yep...). Then she calls Julian's girlfriend a 'cum dumpster'. Google this if you don't know what this means. Or maybe don't. Anyway, this was mentioned in the Q&A. How did Nicolas come up with this insult? He asked Ryan! He asked Ryan to list all the worst ways to insult a woman. It was a long list. This was the first one. Nicolas had to ask Ryan what it meant and Ryan explained. Then when they were first on set and Kristin had the script she asked Nicolas what it meant and he had to explain ha ha.

Other memorable scenes (good and bad):
- Julian being tied to a chair with fabric around his wrists, whilst his girlfriend/prostitute masturbated in front of him.
- Julian demanding his girlfriend removes her dress (and therefore stand in underwear) in the middle of the street. And her doing what he asks.
- Julian/Ryan wearing a suit. Enough said.
- Julian fighting/boxing in suit/waistcoat/shirt ... before being punched unconscious
- the most disturbing scene - after finding his mother dead from knife wound Julian err... slides his fingers into the open wound and..yea. just no. (lets forget this scene) Ryan wearing a suit. repeat. Ryan wearing a suit...

I did enjoy the film overall. Ryan and Kristin (and others) acted well and were a credit to their characters and the storyline , but there were some extreme scenes that I wouldn't want to watch again. It is definitely not an easy film to watch.

review by Katie Harris aka @word_scribbler 
(Currently studying towards a BA Hons Degree in Creative Writing)

Katie was also lucky enough to get Nicolas's autograph


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brand New 'Only God Forgives' trailer

"Kill them all"

Only God Forgives arrives on screens on July 19th and if it follows in Drive's footsteps may well 'kill' Ryan fans!!  Watch the new trailer below

"Tonally falling somewhere between "Valhalla Rising" and "Drive," the latest from Refn takes the neon slickness of the latter and gives it the slow burn treatment of the former for a truly unique experience. Dialogue is minimal (Ryan Gosling says less here than in "Drive," and much of the movie's dialogue is in Thai), and the story, by appearances, is thin (a vengeance tale, pitting two unstoppable men against each other), but the subtext running throughout is rich. Yes, Gosling's character has more to him than a five o'clock shadow and brooding visage, and when the blood comes...well, Refn doesn't hold back."

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

No Sequel planned for 'Drive'

Nicolas Winding Refn confirmed in an interview with @ThePlaylist that there will not be a sequel to Drive:

“Drive” writer James Sallis has written a sequel “Driven” for which the movie is said to be in the pipeline. Have you been approached about that at all?
No. It’s never gonna happen. The movie’s not gonna get made, because they don’t have the key elements.

The key elements being you and Gosling?

And Gosling wouldn’t think of doing it without you?
I haven’t even thought about that, I mean...

But if it were to go ahead, what would your advice be to the filmmakers?

Don’t do it! Don’t do it. Well, what would they do?

Read the entire interview and hear Nicolas' response to the critics reaction to 'Only God Forgives' here

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